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Group E: Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Sweden

Tips qualified possible. And the group is without doubt one of the toughest groups with three teams ready to battle to get ahead in the event. The bookmakers quoting Belgium Italy as favorites in the next round, but beware to Sweden by many prognosticators as a possible rival of Italian. The Republic of Ireland is likely to be the Cinderella of the group. But one between Belgium and Italy Sweden may not qualify in the first two positions will be key many points as possible to return the best third.


france 2016 group E
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It is no longer a surprise but a solid reality. Belgium has registered tremendous progress in recent times: the Wilmots team plays a nice kick to behold, fast and put together a good ball possession. The first place in the ranking fifa it explains. Belgium reaches these European after winning their group. The rise of the team began a few years ago after 12 years of absence of any competition, the team qualifies for the World Cup of 2014, exceeds the round but was eliminated in the second round. The Red Devils continue their path over the next two years and will try to go all the way in the competition. Belgium in its history has reached a final (they lost) in 1980.

Italy is going to face a European Championship for the sixth consecutive time. Blue, came second in the previous edition (as in 2000), will try to continue to highlight the progress made in the era of Count. The coach has already announced in recent days that will leave the technical guidance of the national team, but despite that the team seems united and eager to leave a good memory under its management. Also there is to redeem the world ugly of 2014 only ended the days. Italy comes to this issue after the victory in their group undefeated and history tells that one one occasion our national, in 1968, has managed to gain the victory.

Such as Hungary, Sweden has also got the pass for Europeans with a victory in the playoffs against Denmark. The coach Hamren will point out all about Zlatan Ibrahomovic, author of 62 goals in yellow and blue jersey, and real driver in the qualifying round and the play-offs. In the 90s the team reached an important European value coming in the semifinals in 1992 and third place at the US world. In 2004, just a back-heel goal of a young Ibrahimovic forced Italy to draw and gave the green light to "cookie" in the same Swedish and Denmark in the last group match. The National Hamren will try to make a good impression by giving battle to the last.

The Republic of Ireland is the third part in a European Championship after those of 1988 and 2012. The O'Neill team wants to redeem the bad group stage of 2012 when the formation then led by Trapattoni came home with 0 points, but it will not be easy considering the teams present. The Republic of Ireland has earned a pass to Europeans through the play-off win against Bosnia Dzeko. In a very difficult group the O'Neill team is likely to be the sacrificial victim. The first qualification at a prestigious tournament is dated 1988, when the team won against England. In subsequent years the Republic of Ireland nearly access to the finals in 1992, 1996 and 2000, losing the play-off against the Netherlands and Turkey in two circumstances. After a negative moment, the Irish football back competitive and the national team back to participate in a European in 2012.