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2021-10-23 07:14:46

Bosnia ( under-over tips)

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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Tip Odd Book Result +
10/20 14:30BosniaBorac Banja LukaBorac Banja Luka - Tuzla City1-1Tuzla CityOver2.5 vip wrong
10/23 11:00BosniaLeotarLeotar - SlobodaSlobodaUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 11:00BosniaRudar PrijedorRudar Prijedor - FK Velez MostarFK Velez MostarOver2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaGorazdeGorazde - Bratstvo GracaniBratstvo GracaniOver2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaNK Gradina SrebrNK Gradina Srebr - Vis Simm-BauVis Simm-BauOver2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaHadziciHadzici - Igman K.Igman K.Under2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaJedinstvo BihacJedinstvo Bihac - Zvijezda GradacaZvijezda GradacaUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaMladost DKMladost DK - BanoviciBanoviciUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaNK TomislavNK Tomislav - Nk OrasjeNk OrasjeUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaTOSK TesanjTOSK Tesanj - KakanjKakanjUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaNK TravnikNK Travnik - GOSK GabelaGOSK GabelaUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaFK BuducnostFK Buducnost - Podrinje JanjaPodrinje JanjaUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaFK KozaraFK Kozara - Sutjeska FocaSutjeska FocaOver2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaKozarska DubicaKozarska Dubica - ZvornikZvornikUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaKrupaKrupa - FK Sloga DobojFK Sloga DobojUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaFK ModricaFK Modrica - Zeljeznicar BanjZeljeznicar BanjUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaFK SlavijaFK Slavija - Ljubic PrnjavorLjubic PrnjavorOver2.5 vip waiting
10/23 12:30BosniaTekstilacTekstilac - OmarskaOmarskaOver2.5 vip waiting
10/23 15:00BosniaHSK Zrinjski MosHSK Zrinjski Mos - FK SarajevoFK SarajevoOver2.5 vip waiting
10/24 11:00BosniaPosusjePosusje - FK ZeljeznicarFK ZeljeznicarUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/24 11:00BosniaRadnik BijeljinaRadnik Bijeljina - NK Siroki BrijegNK Siroki BrijegUnder2.5 vip waiting
10/24 12:30BosniaNovi GradNovi Grad - Zvijezda 09Zvijezda 09Under2.5 vip waiting
10/24 17:30BosniaTuzla CityTuzla City - Borac Banja LukaBorac Banja LukaOver2.5 vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet under-over of football's matches of Bosnia. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team