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The "valuebet" are bets with odds, according to you, "overstated" by your bookmaker.

For example: in the match Liverpool-West Ham the under is quoted from your bookmaker 2.05, from our calculations considering the statistics of recent matches and other information such as defense, attack,  and other..., then we believe the percentage of then under is 62% while that assigned by bookmaker is 1/2.05x100=49%, in this case betting on the under according to our analysis we have a valuebet. Some considerations:

  1. Usally the valuebets are on underdog.
  2. Betting on valuebet we have more chance of winning but that does not give us certainty of winning, even betting on the underdog is often easy to lose several bets even if this technique could be a winner.
  3. To find valuebet exist sites that make the calculations for us.