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Rules and tips:

The retention behaviors that are intended to damage the peaceful atmosphere of discussion in the community, as well as any type of behavior that violates the rules of Netiquette (, in particular, will not be tolerated comments thesis to discredit people and / or opinions of others.
You may not incite violence or loss of any kind (racial, religious, sexual, geographical, ideological, political, etc..), As well as using abusive language or obscene.
There will be no advertising of any type (spam).
The various fields of the comment (name, email, title, text, etc..) Should not contain obscenities.
Do not post comments that are off topic of the article (the so-called "off-topic"), these may be deleted or censored in part.
It is a good idea to don't abuse of abbreviations in SMS-style, write in CAPITAL LETTERS (equivalent to shouting), or in general how they affect the readability of the comment.
It is forbidden to post comments whose content constitutes a violation of European laws.
And forbidden sign multiple comments under different names to create a consensus around their ideas, similar behaviors may result in the cancellation of all written comments and / or banning of your ip
These are simple guidelines that only serve to keep the climate of the messages / comments as clear as possible. Please follow them because although all comments will be under the guidance of a moderator, their possible cancellation is always a source of sorrow and regret.

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