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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Tip Odd Book Result +
02/16 00:00ArgentinaAlvaradoAlvarado - Barracas Central2-0Barracas Central12.25 vip correct
02/16 00:30ArgentinaClub Atletico MiClub Atletico Mi - Atletico Atlanta0-1Atletico Atlantax2 vip correct
02/16 00:50ArgentinaTalleres CordobaTalleres Cordoba - San Lorenzo1-0San Lorenzo1x1.25 vip correct
02/16 20:00ArgentinaColegialesColegiales - Sacachispas3-1Sacachispas1x vip correct
02/16 20:00ArgentinaFlandriaFlandria - Talleres Remedio3-1Talleres Remedio12 vip correct
02/16 20:00ArgentinaJusto Jose de UrJusto Jose de Ur - Argentino de Qui2-1Argentino de Qui12 vip correct
02/16 20:00ArgentinaCA San MiguelCA San Miguel - Club Atletico Ac0-0Club Atletico Ac12 vip wrong
02/16 20:00ArgentinaTristan SuarezTristan Suarez - Almirante Brown2-1Almirante Brown1x1.31 vip correct
02/16 20:00ArgentinaBerazateguiBerazategui - Sportivo Dock Su2-3Sportivo Dock Su12 vip correct
02/16 20:00ArgentinaCentral CordobaCentral Cordoba - General Lamadrid1-1General Lamadrid12 vip wrong
02/16 20:00ArgentinaSan Martin BurzaSan Martin Burza - Sportivo Italian0-0Sportivo Italian1x vip correct
02/16 20:00ArgentinaGuillermo BrownGuillermo Brown - Deportivo Moron1-2Deportivo Moron121.42 vip correct
02/16 20:00ArgentinaVilla DalmineVilla Dalmine - San Martin T.1-2San Martin T.x2.80 vip wrong
02/16 20:30ArgentinaGimnasia MendozaGimnasia Mendoza - Almagro1-0Almagro11.70 vip correct
02/16 20:30ArgentinaNueva ChicagoNueva Chicago - Temperley1-1Temperley121.35 vip wrong
02/16 22:00ArgentinaBelgranoBelgrano - Agropecuario1-1Agropecuario1x1.11 vip correct
02/16 22:30ArgentinaSarmiento JuninSarmiento Junin - Instituto2-1Instituto11.70 vip correct
02/16 22:40ArgentinaLanusLanus - Newells Old Boys1-1Newells Old Boys12.35 vip wrong
02/16 22:40ArgentinaRiver Plate (PARRiver Plate (PAR - Banfield1-0Banfield121.15 vip correct
02/17 00:50ArgentinaCentral CordobaCentral Cordoba - Boca Juniors0-4Boca Juniors121.36 vip correct
02/17 20:00ArgentinaClub LujanClub Lujan - Argentino de Mer0-0Argentino de Mer12 vip abandoned
02/17 21:00ArgentinaExcursionistasExcursionistas - Deportivo Espano3-1Deportivo Espano12 vip correct
02/17 22:00ArgentinaEstudiantes La PEstudiantes La P - Defensa Y Justic1-2Defensa Y Justic121.34 vip correct
02/18 00:10ArgentinaIndependienteIndependiente - Arsenal de Saran1-1Arsenal de Saran121.30 vip wrong
02/18 00:10ArgentinaEstudiantes Rio Estudiantes Rio - CA Platense3-2CA Platense121.36 vip correct
02/19 00:10ArgentinaLos AndesLos Andes - Defensores Unido1-0Defensores Unido1x vip correct
02/21 22:00ArgentinaBanfieldBanfield - Aldosivi Mar delAldosivi Mar del1x1.17 vip waiting
02/22 00:10ArgentinaArgentinos junioArgentinos junio - Patronato ParanaPatronato Parana11.78 vip waiting
02/22 20:35ArgentinaSan LorenzoSan Lorenzo - Racing ClubRacing Club1x1.49 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaClub Atletico AcClub Atletico Ac - Club ComunicacioClub Comunicaciox2 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaAlmirante BrownAlmirante Brown - Deportivo ArmeniDeportivo Armeni1 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaArgentino de QuiArgentino de Qui - CA San MiguelCA San Miguel12 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaDefensores UnidoDefensores Unido - Justo Jose de UrJusto Jose de Ur1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaCA Fenix PilarCA Fenix Pilar - San TelmoSan Telmo12 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaSacachispasSacachispas - Tristan SuarezTristan Suarez12 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaTalleres RemedioTalleres Remedio - Los AndesLos Andes1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaFerrocarril UrquFerrocarril Urqu - FlandriaFlandriax vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaVilla San CarlosVilla San Carlos - ColegialesColegiales1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaArgentino de MerArgentino de Mer - San Martin BurzaSan Martin Burza1 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaCanuelas FCCanuelas FC - ExcursionistasExcursionistas1 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaDeportivo EspanoDeportivo Espano - Victoriano ArenaVictoriano Arena1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaSportivo Dock SuSportivo Dock Su - Central CordobaCentral Cordoba12 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaEl PorvenirEl Porvenir - Deportivo MerloDeportivo Merlo12 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaGeneral LamadridGeneral Lamadrid - Deportivo LaferrDeportivo Laferr12 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaLeandro N AlemLeandro N Alem - Club LujanClub Lujan1 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaFerrocarril MidlFerrocarril Midl - BerazateguiBerazateguix2 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaSportivo ItalianSportivo Italian - Real PilarReal Pilarx vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaAgropecuarioAgropecuario - Club Atl. EstudiClub Atl. Estudi1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaAll Boys FlorestAll Boys Florest - Club Atletico TiClub Atletico Ti1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaAlmagroAlmagro - Villa DalmineVilla Dalmine12 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaAtletico AtlantaAtletico Atlanta - Ferro Carril OesFerro Carril Oes1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaBarracas CentralBarracas Central - BelgranoBelgrano1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaDeportivo MoronDeportivo Moron - AlvaradoAlvarado1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaGimnasia JujuyGimnasia Jujuy - CA Brown AdrogueCA Brown Adrogue1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaIndependiente RiIndependiente Ri - Estudiantes Rio Estudiantes Rio 12 vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaInstitutoInstituto - Deportivo RiestrDeportivo Riestr1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaCA PlatenseCA Platense - Nueva ChicagoNueva Chicago1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaSan Martin San JSan Martin San J - Club Atletico MiClub Atletico Mi1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaSan Martin T.San Martin T. - Sarmiento JuninSarmiento Junin1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaDeportivo SantamDeportivo Santam - Chacarita juniorChacarita junior1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaAtletico De RafaAtletico De Rafa - Defensores de BeDefensores de Be1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaQuilmesQuilmes - Gimnasia MendozaGimnasia Mendoza1x vip waiting
02/22 21:00ArgentinaTemperleyTemperley - Guillermo BrownGuillermo Brown1x vip waiting
02/22 22:40ArgentinaIndependienteIndependiente - Gimnasia La PlatGimnasia La Plat121.49 vip waiting
02/23 00:45ArgentinaAtletico TucumanAtletico Tucuman - LanusLanus1x2 vip waiting
02/23 00:45ArgentinaNewells Old BoysNewells Old Boys - Colon de Santa FColon de Santa F1x1.23 vip waiting
02/23 20:35ArgentinaArsenal de SaranArsenal de Saran - Velez SarsfieldVelez Sarsfield1x1.63 vip waiting
02/23 22:40ArgentinaBoca JuniorsBoca Juniors - Godoy Cruz AntonGodoy Cruz Anton11.17 vip waiting
02/24 00:45ArgentinaEstudiantes La PEstudiantes La P - River Plate (PARRiver Plate (PAR121.44 vip waiting
02/24 22:40ArgentinaDefensa Y JusticDefensa Y Justic - Rosario CentralRosario Central1x1.37 vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet 1x2 of football's matches of Argentina. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team