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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Tip Odd Book Result +
09/21 00:45ColombiaAtletico Junior Atletico Junior - Aguilas D.2-1Aguilas D.11.61 vip correct
09/22 00:40ColombiaDeportes QuindioDeportes Quindio - Real San Andres1-0Real San Andres1 vip correct
09/22 20:00ColombiaBarranquilla FCBarranquilla FC - Bogota FC0-1Bogota FCx2.89 vip wrong
09/23 00:30ColombiaCucutaCucuta - Deportivo Cali3-3Deportivo Cali121.31 vip wrong
09/23 23:00ColombiaReal CartagenaReal Cartagena - Tigres0-0Tigresx2.91 vip correct
09/24 01:05ColombiaLeonesLeones - Union Magdalena1-1Union Magdalena12.27 vip wrong
09/24 20:15ColombiaAtletico HuilaAtletico Huila - Real San AndresReal San Andres1x1.09 vip waiting
09/25 00:40ColombiaFortaleza F.CFortaleza F.C - Deportes QuindioDeportes Quindiox2 vip waiting
09/25 23:00ColombiaJaguares de CordJaguares de Cord - La EquidadLa Equidad1x1.52 vip waiting
09/26 01:05ColombiaDeportiva Once CDeportiva Once C - Atletico NacionaAtletico Nacionax3.18 vip waiting
09/26 19:00ColombiaLlaneros FCLlaneros FC - LeonesLeonesx21.48 vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaBarranquilla FCBarranquilla FC - CortuluaCortuluax3.15 vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaBoca JuniorsBoca Juniors - Real CartagenaReal Cartagena1x vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaAtlético F.C.Atlético F.C. - Valledupar FCValledupar FCx2 vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaBarranquilla FCBarranquilla FC - TigresTigresx vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaBogota FCBogota FC - Boca JuniorsBoca Juniors1x vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaCortuluaCortulua - Llaneros FCLlaneros FC1x vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaFortaleza F.CFortaleza F.C - OrsomarsoOrsomarso1x vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaAtletico HuilaAtletico Huila - Union MagdalenaUnion Magdalena1x vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaLeonesLeones - Deportes QuindioDeportes Quindiox vip waiting
09/26 20:00ColombiaReal San AndresReal San Andres - Real CartagenaReal Cartagena12 vip waiting
09/26 21:00ColombiaAtletico BucaramAtletico Bucaram - Patriotas FCPatriotas FC12.08 vip waiting
09/26 23:05ColombiaEnvigado FCEnvigado FC - Atletico Junior Atletico Junior 1x1.60 vip waiting
09/27 01:10ColombiaDeportes TolimaDeportes Tolima - America de CaliAmerica de Cali12.31 vip waiting
09/27 19:00ColombiaTigresTigres - Atlético F.C.Atlético F.C.1x vip waiting
09/27 19:00ColombiaBoyaca ChicoBoyaca Chico - CucutaCucuta121.30 vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaAtletico BucaramAtletico Bucaram - Alianza PetrolerAlianza Petroler1x vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaDeportivo CaliDeportivo Cali - Deportivo PastoDeportivo Pasto1 vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaDeportes TolimaDeportes Tolima - CucutaCucuta1 vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaEnvigado FCEnvigado FC - Deportivo PereirDeportivo Pereir1x vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaDep.IndependientDep.Independient - Boyaca ChicoBoyaca Chico12 vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaAtletico Junior Atletico Junior - Atletico NacionaAtletico Naciona12 vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaDeportiva Once CDeportiva Once C - La EquidadLa Equidad1x vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaPatriotas FCPatriotas FC - America de CaliAmerica de Calix vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaIndependiente SaIndependiente Sa - Jaguares de CordJaguares de Cord1 vip waiting
09/27 20:00ColombiaAguilas D.Aguilas D. - MillonariosMillonarios1x vip waiting
09/27 20:30ColombiaValledupar FCValledupar FC - Atletico HuilaAtletico Huilax vip waiting
09/27 21:00ColombiaDeportivo CaliDeportivo Cali - Alianza PetrolerAlianza Petroler1x1.25 vip waiting
09/27 23:05ColombiaDep.IndependientDep.Independient - Deportivo PereirDeportivo Pereir121.29 vip waiting
09/28 01:10ColombiaIndependiente SaIndependiente Sa - MillonariosMillonarios121.31 vip waiting
09/28 20:30ColombiaOrsomarsoOrsomarso - Real San AndresReal San Andresx vip waiting
09/28 23:00ColombiaUnion MagdalenaUnion Magdalena - Fortaleza F.CFortaleza F.C121.22 vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet 1x2 of football's matches of Colombia. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team